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Two brothers, Steven J. & Stefon A. Newton Sr. joined forces in 2010, pooled their resources together to establish a church. The endeavor went very well and The Kingdom Center Global Shreveport/Bossier was birthed. In an effort to establish churches around the world, these two brothers begin to initiate programs that would allow the churches to be free from government involvement. The Newton Initiative, LLC provides investment opportunities that will grant financial security for churches, ministries, orphanages, schools and the like to be assembled.

In Acts 4, the congregation sold real estate (investments) brought the profit to the Apostle and he distributed it, so that none were feeble within the body of believers. The Newton Initiative, LLC makes investments and through the sale of those investments, real estate, gold, silver, platinum, etc., the profits are distributed so that none are feeble among the body of believers. Many of the investments are free of credit risk, have no risk, and others carry great risk. You may choose which initiative you would like to participate in when you call our toll-free number 1-888-239-8997.

The Newton Initiative, LLC is a vital asset for business owners, providing business consulting, networking opportunities and training programs to assist entrepreneurs in improving business performance, productivity and profitability. With the business ideas that are established and succeed, a portion of the returns is distributed into the body of believers. The Newton Initiative, LLC provides individualized, confidential business consultations free of charge to entrepreneurs who are preparing to start a business, as well as those who are established. Our consultants provide guidance based on both business and biblical principles in a wide variety of areas.

Get a step closer to your dreams by calling us toll - free at 1-888-239-8997.